Mansfield Volunteer Awards, Recognising the Stars of Mansfield - Application form


Andrew Wallace Memorial Award

Young Person's Award

Margaret Wilson Memorial Award

Emily Dawes Memorial Award

Vaughan Thomas Memorial Award

Outstanding Volunteer Award

Business in the Community Award


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Ladybrook Enterprises Ltd
Mansfield Community and Voluntary Service
Mansfield District Council
Mansfield District Tenant and Resident Volunteers
Mansfield Woodhouse Community Development Group
Nottinghamshire County Council

Mansfield Volunteer Awards 2017

The Mansfield Volunteer Awards Steering Group will recognise outstanding volunteers in the Mansfield District in 2017. Please note individuals, groups or people using the group must be based in Mansfield and District. Please write as much information as you can and include evidence. The decision of the judging panel will be final.

A trophy will be presented to one winner for each category at the Award ceremony.

All nominees will receive a certificate of recognition via post.

Nominations are invited in the following seven categories:

Andrew Wallace Memorial - an individual volunteering in the community.
Any local person who has made an extraordinary difference within a community

Young Person’s Award - a young person under 25 volunteering in the community.
Please enter their age here:
Any young volunteer who has made a significant impact on a person or community

Margaret Wilson Memorial - issue/cause-based contributions.
Any volunteer who has provided exceptional support to charity (e.g. Alzheimer's Society)

Emily Dawes Memorial - a paid worker in the voluntary sector.
Any paid staff in the voluntary sector who have gone beyond the call of duty

Vaughan Thomas Memorial - a group involved in community action.
Any voluntary group that has improved or made a difference to their area or cause

Outstanding Volunteer - exceptional or sustained actions.
An individual that has gone that extra mile to make a difference to society

Business in the Community Award - a business who has given voluntary time to support the voluntary sector.
The nominator must be a representative of a local voluntary sector organisation that has benefited from this business

Nominated Person / Group / Business

Contact Details of Nominated Person/Group/Business

Name of the organisation where they volunteer or work:

Organisation name:
Head of their organisation:
How long has the person/group been volunteering/working:
How many hours do they put into their volunteering?:
What has the person/group/business done in regards to volunteering? (Please write as much information as you can)
What have been their achievements over the past year? (Please write as much information as you can)
Can you tell us about any barriers they have overcome? (This could be personal barriers such as illness, accidents or could be within the organisation such as changes to their team etc.)
What difference has the nominated person/group/business made to an individual/community? (Please write as much information as you can and include evidence. how many people do they help and how has the work effected them. What would happen if this person was no longer volunteering?).
What makes this volunteer stand out from other volunteers? (Why do you think they are special or important?)

Nominator’s Information

Closing Date for Nominations:

Friday 28th April 2017

(The nominators and the winning volunteers will be notified by the end of May)

The winning volunteers and the person who nominated them will be invited to the Mansfield Volunteer Awards Ceremony on:

Thursday 8th June 2017, 7pm
The John Fretwell Sporting Complex,
Sookholme, Mansfield, NG19 8LL.
Telephone: 01623 651177