Parks and open spaces event booking form

This form is to be used to book Parks and Open Spaces for events such as galas, carnivals etc. Carefully read 'The Conditions of Use' before sending the form.

Your details
Organisation details
Event details
Facilities you require
How many of the following do you intend to bring onto site
On the day (please use 24 hour format for times, e.g. 17:00)
Permissions and safety
Please provide your Public Liability Insurance details

Conditions of use - please read carefully

  1. The organisation concerned will be responsible for paying Mansfield District Council the costs of repairs of damage incurred to the ground, buildings or any other facility during the event, within the park or open space used. An inspection of the site should be made by the organiser(s) before the event, and any damage to the ground, buildings or other facilities reported in writing to Mansfield District Council. If no report is received, the Council will assume that all facilities were in good condition prior to the event. For certain events, a deposit may be required as a condition of use of the park or open space.
  2. The organisation concerned will be responsible for the removal of all litter from the site, which must be left in a clean, neat and tidy condition.The Council can provide this service, but a charge will be made.
  3. Vehicles must not be allowed to drive over or park on sports pitches or ornamental lawns, and no charge for entry or parking is to be made.
  4. The organisation concerned must arrange public liability insurance for at least £2,000,000. For certain events Mansfield District Council may make other specific insurance requirements a ‘Condition of Use’ of the park or open space to be used.
  5. The organisation concerned will be held responsible for the Health, Safety and Welfare of people associated with or affected by the event, and must indemnify Mansfield District Council against any costs, claims or demands whatsoever arising as a result of using the park or open space and buildings or other facilities thereon.
  6. The Hirer must carry out checks with the Criminal Records Bureau on key staff or main volunteers engaged in the provision of the event and confirm to the Council that such checks have been carried out. The Hirer shall wherever required produce evidence to the Council that such checks have been carried out.
  7. The Hirer must not sub-lease the park to any food vendor or take payment from any vendors offering for sale food/drinks/ice creams etc, permission from Mansfield District Council for this provision must be made.
  8. The Hirer must abide by the conditions of the Council’s Premises Licence (where applicable). Summary of licence available on request.
By submitting this form you declare that you are authorised by the organisation stated in section "Organisation details", apply for the use of the above park/open space, and accept the conditions of use and agree to indemnify Mansfield District Council as stated in point 5 above.

Please email us a sketch plan of the layout of the event showing the siting of marquees/stalls/car parking areas etc (JPG images or PDFs preferred).