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Licensing Committee Minutes    

Date: Thursday 15 April 2021       Time: 06:00 PM       Location: Virtual Meeting       Contact:

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Present:Councillor Sinead Anderson, Councillor Stephen Bodle, Councillor John Coxhead, Councillor Bill Drewett, Councillor Stephen N. Garner, Councillor Brian Lohan, Councillor Ann Norman, Councillor Philip Shields, Councillor Sidney Walker
In AttendanceAttendees
In Attendance:David Evans, Susan Rhodes Best, Samantha Reynolds, Gabriella Wright
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Apologies were received from Councillor John Smart.

There were no Declarations of Interest.

The Minutes of the last meeting were accepted as a true record of the meeting Proposer Councillor Shields and Seconder Councillor Norman.


The Minutes of the last meeting were accepted as a true record.

The Licensing Team Leader presented the Licensing Activity Update to the Committee.
Since the last Licensing Committee report there had been a national lockdown. On the 12 April 2021 hospitality re-opened in outdoor settings. The Committee was advised that since the report had been published that there had been a change to allow for the payment of drinks inside the premises. There were no restrictions to opening hours as long as the premises licence allowed this. Most pubs had elected to close at 10 pm or 11 pm.
Councillor Shields had a question related to marquees and wanted clarification as to what constituted being outside.
The Officer responded that regulations stipulated that the outside space must be compliant with the smoking regulations, if the structure had a roof then it had to have 50% of the sides exposed to the elements.
A Marquee would have to have at least one of the long sides and one of the short sides open. Most do not need planning as they are a temporary structure, the team have been out inspecting them. People have been made aware of the legislation.
The Committee was advised that there had been a large impact on Taxi and Private Hire drivers due to the closure of the Night Time Economy. A number of drivers had taken alternative employment.
Councillor Norman queried how many Taxi and Private Hire drivers were left.
The Officer responded that a couple of drivers were no longer taxi drivers and that a number of others were waiting to see what happened with the restrictions. Although currently not working as taxi drivers they had retained their Licences.
Councillor Lohan queried if any other Private Hire drivers were going into the Town Centre. As an attempt had been made to keep all Private Hire Offices and spaces outside of the Town Centre to prevent congestion for the rank drivers.
The Officer asked if this was in relation to a new Taxi office within the centre.
The Member confirmed that it was.
The Officer advised that the team had not received an application from the Operator for a Licence, or for any vehicles to be licenced for that particular company. The Application had gone to the relevant consultees, who will liaise with the Police, Highways and Town Centre management to see if they have any comments. This was a Planning decision. However if the team received any Licensing Applications it will ensure that they are building correctly and comply with any legislation.
The Committee was informed that Betting Shops had re-opened on 12th April 2021. Adult gaming centres and Bingo Halls were to open not before 17th May 2021.
All premises offering beauty treatments and close contact were open for trade from 12th April 2021. The beauty industry had been greatly affected by the various restrictions throughout the pandemic. The Licensing team have been assisting the trade with their licences, registration and re-opening in a Covid Secure way.
Councillor Bodle queried if a review of the Fees could assist in affordability for Licences, and asked if this could be reviewed locally or was this via Central Government.
The Officer responded that the Fees were set by the Licensing Committee in October 2020 and then they were approved at Full Council in January 2021. The Fees were therefore set for the following year.
The Council have assisted where possible to support individuals where needed by referring them to the Grants available.
The Committee was advised that it had not been possible to Licence any additional dog breeders during the latest restrictions due to the inability to be able to conduct home visits which was a requirement of the Licence to be granted.
The Committee was advised that there was a proposal that the Business and Planning Act 2022 be extended until September 2022. A number of enquiries had been received regarding obtaining a licence. The Committee was advised that there had been two additional applications since the last meeting. These had both been granted. Whilst the extension of the legislation had not yet happened this was expected.
Councillor Lohan queried if the Pavement Licences were for Cafes only or if they were applicable to Pubs too.
The Officer responded that this Licence was applicable to Pubs. The Licence was applicable to any premises that wanted to have tables and chairs outside of their premises in their outdoor space that lead onto a Highway. The definition for Highway being a pavement.
The Government was currently consulting on the protect duty to public that have an occupancy of over 100 including public buildings and pubs. The team was currently putting together a Nottinghamshire response with other licensing authorities.
The Committee was advised that at point 3.15 a list of future topics for the upcoming Committee had been added this would be incorporate for all future meetings to make Members aware of topics to be discussed. The Officer listed the topics within the report.
Councillor Drewitt queried what the Caravan Licensing Policy Update was.
The Officer advised that these were the sites for permanent Caravan Parks that had to be licensed as there were certain conditions that must be adhered to within the Caravan Park. The Policy needed to be updated. After the Policy had been updated the Policy would be brought to the Committee for recommendations or approval of the Policy.
The Chair asked for a show of hands to accept the report for noting. There was a unanimous show of hands and the report was accepted for noting.

Report of the Licensing Team Leader

The report was accepted for noting.
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