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Overview & Scrutiny Committee (Corporate Resources) Minutes    

Date: Tuesday 16 February 2021       Time: 06:00 PM       Location: Virtual Meeting       Contact:

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Present:Councillor Stephen Bodle, Councillor Terry Clay, Councillor Mark Fretwell, Councillor Brian Lohan, Councillor Ann Norman, Councillor Andy Sissons, Councillor David M Smith, Councillor Stuart Wallace
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In Attendance:Dawn Edwards, Emma Cable, James Biddlestone, Mark Pemberton and Julie Grainger
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There were no apologies for absence.

There were no declarations of interest.

There were no advance questions from members of the public.

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 5 January, 2021 were submitted for confirmation.

RESOLVED - That the Minutes of the Meeting held on 5 January, 2021 be confirmed as a correct record.

The Financial Services Manager presented her report on the Council's forecasted year end position for the revenue and capital budgets for the 2020/21 financial year at the end of the third quarter (December 2020) of the financial year and the impact on both the General Fund and Housing Revenue Account level of general balances.

Members were advised that as the authority played a vital role in supporting people during the Covid-19 pandemic this had resulted in the Council incurring expenditure outside the normal course of its business which had not been anticipated when setting the budget. In addition, as service delivery had been affected, it had meant that income that the Council would have received through fees and charges had also been impacted upon.

The Council had been allocated a total Covid-19 grant to date of £2.096million over four tranches. This grant had been used to meet additional expenditure incurred as a result of Covid-19. Loss of income due to the pandemic was currently expected to be in the region of £3.270million for the 2020/21 financial year.

At the end of the financial year the General Fund was expected to break even against its budget position, which would mean the amount of general balances held would remain the same.

Members were informed that the carry forwards to the 2021/22 capital programme were expected as the Covid-19 pandemic and economic shutdown had prevented programmes of works starting as planned.

Report of Head of Finance
To be noted by the Portfolio Holder for Corporate and Finance;
(i) That the General Fund and Housing Revenue Account Revenue forecasted outturn position for the 2020/21 financial year, at quarter three, be noted.
(ii) That the General Fund and Housing Revenue Account Capital forecasted outturn position for the 2020/21 financial year, at quarter three, be noted.

The Head of People and Transformation presented a briefing paper relating to performance management, quarter three overview, outlining the service achievements and activities that the council had delivered whilst still tackling the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Members were advised that Green Flag status had once again been awarded for the council's 7 flagship parks. It was noted that there had been an increase in usable allotment plots and their take-up and that Fleet had facilitated a trial of electric plant and equipment for Parks as the first step towards operating a greener fleet.

Environmental Health had been working closely with the Police, Public Health England and NCC public Health Team investigating Covid-19 related outbreaks.

Within Community Safety a total of 303 requests for service had been received, the main types of demand being fly-tipping and Anti-Social Behaviour.

It was reported that a total of 6 Covid marshals were now in post with four on shift at any one time covering 10:00 - 18:00 seven days a week. The marshals were also providing on the ground Covid advice to residents and visitors of the lateral Flow Testing sites and distributing masks where required.

As part of the council's humanitarian response to the pandemic since April 2020 27,000 safe and well checks had been completed by phone across the district, assisting with issues such as emergencies, practical advice, emotional support and shopping for people who were shielding or self-isolating and 60 calls in person to vulnerable residents. The emergency control room had taken 66,824 calls, 2,841 of which had required emergency service assistance. More than 600 vulnerable tenants, both council tenants and private tenants had been called to identify potential support needs

The Revenues and Benefits Team had administered and delivered in excess of £27m of grants to businesses in Mansfield since the pandemic began in March 2020. The team had also been administering the Test and Trace Support Payment which had been set up by government to provide those who work and are on a low income with financial help when they had to self isolate and could not work from home.

Members were advised that the Local Plan had been adopted and that planning permission had been granted for over 470 houses within the last 12 months. The Council had also been awarded £1m government capital fund towards greening of the town centre.

The Housing service had carried out urgent and emergency repairs throughout the initial lockdown. Repairs operatives had been key to the humanitarian efforts and had been involved in food parcel deliver, safe and well checks, prescription delivery, food bank distribution and assisting the County Council with emergency planning projects requiring trade operatives. As lockdown eased the service continued to prioritise urgent works, although other repairs were considered.

The Customer Services team continued to deliver a virtual contact centre, providing support to customers over the phone, via e:mail and through social media. Marketing and Communications remained the driving force for internal and external communications with ICT continuing to manage and maintain the ICT infrastructure day and night to ensure the council could remain accessible and resilient whilst many officers worked within a remote environment.

Members were informed of the significant progress made to the performance management system making performance data easy to record, evaluate and report against. It was noted that quarter four performance and service plans identifying strategic performance indicators would be reported to the next meeting of this Committee.

Briefing by the Head of People and Transformation
RESOLVED - That the briefing paper be noted.
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