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Council Minutes    

Date: Tuesday 25 May 2021       Time: 07:00 PM       Location: Samworth Church Academy, Sherwood Hall Road       Contact:

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Present:Executive Mayor Andy Abrahams, Councillor Sinead Anderson, Councillor Barry Answer, Councillor Mick Barton, Councillor Marion Bradshaw, Councillor Andrew Burgin, Councillor Terry Clay, Councillor John Coxhead, Councillor Bill Drewett, Councillor Robert Elliman, Councillor Mark Fretwell, Councillor Stephen N. Garner, Councillor Teresa Hanstock, Councillor Brian Lohan, Councillor Ann Norman, Councillor Stuart Richardson, Councillor Dave Saunders, Councillor Philip Shields, Councillor Andy Sissons, Councillor John Smart, Councillor David M Smith, Councillor June Stendall, Councillor Roger Sutcliffe, Councillor Sue Swinscoe, Councillor Andrew Tristram, Councillor Sidney Walker, Councillor Stuart Wallace, Councillor Sonya Ward, Councillor Andy Wetton, Councillor Craig Whitby, Councillor Martin Wright
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In Attendance:H. Barsby, J. Grainger, S. Hall and M. Pemberton
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Councillors Barlow, Birchall, Bodle, Fisher, Hopewell and Redfern

There were no declarations of interest

It was proposed by Councillor Swinscoe and seconded by Councillor Burgin that the recommendations from the Polling Places Committee held on 28 May 2021, be approved.

In proposing the motion Councillor Swinscoe reminded Council that the Local Government Boundary Commission had been undertaking an Electoral Review of the Council, which had been triggered by electoral imbalances having arisen in 30% of the Council’s current wards.

Following the Commission’s confirmation following Stage One of the review, that it was mindful to recommend 36 single member wards for the Council, the Polling Places Review Committee, had considered a number of proposals for revised warding arrangements for the authority. These options had formed the basis for consultation with members and the current proposed plan, which was considered by the Polling Places Review Committee last Friday.

At that meeting, members agreed to recommend that the proposed wards be adopted as the Council’s submission to the Commission on future warding arrangements for the authority.

The forecast electorate levels for the proposed 36 wards were all within the electoral tolerance levels sought by the Commission and addressed the current electoral inequalities across the district, with the following three exceptions –

Ward 4 – which contains the Stonebridge and Sookholme developments which was over the tolerance sought. However, as these developments were currently behind schedule all of the forecast development may not be delivered by 2027.

Ward 15 – which covered the Oak Tree ward had a figure below the tolerance level sought, however, the Committee noted that this ward was the most deprived in the district and therefore could generate a substantial work for the member elected to this ward.

Ward 16 – a revised Ransom Wood ward, which is over the maximum level of forecast electors sought. The proposal contains two distinct communities and well identified ward boundaries and could also receive some further properties from the Berry Hill development.

As a result of the member consultation a number of the representations had been incorporated into the recommended plan, which would strengthen the council’s submission, the main changes involved –

Amending the boundary between Forest Town and Mansfield Woodhouse to reflect the historic boundary along the River Maun between these two settlements

Creating a new ward 8 and amending the proposed ward 35 as a consequence of amending wards to maintain the boundary between Forest Town and Mansfield Woodhouse.

Amending the proposal that dealt with the Berry Hill development, had impacted on the wider Berry Hill and South Mansfield area and recognised that the residents of the current Berry Hill area objected to the development.

Amendments to the Carr Bank and Ravensdale area reflected that the previous proposal for this area could result in a heavy caseload for the area.

The Commission’s consultation on warding arrangements closed on 31 May 2021. All submissions received will be considered by the Commission and its draft recommendations on revised ward boundaries will be published in August of this year.

Several members spoke in favour of the motion and thanked members of the polling Places review Committee and officers for the work undertaken drafting various proposals. Several members also spoke against the proposals

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Report of Head of Law and Governance

Option 1 Representations

Option 2 Representations

Forecast Electorate

(i) That the proposed warding scheme as contained in the revised attached map be approved and submitted to the Local Government Boundary Commission (LGBC).

(ii) That officers submit names of the proposed wards to the LGBC following consultation with Group Leaders, Independent members and the Chair of the Polling Places Review Committee.
Published 21/06/2021 15:03:55