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Meetings scheduled for Planning Applications Committee for the Period from 01/01/2021 onwards.

MeetingIDEntityIDScheduled DateLocationStart Time
39312311 January 2021Virtual Meeting18:00
39362329 March 2021Virtual Meeting18:00
39382304 May 2021Virtual Meeting18:00
41482307 June 2021Elizabeth House, 2 Church Hill Avenue, M/W14:00
41472307 June 2021Civic Centre live on Facebook18:00
41742305 July 2021Civic Centre live on Facebook18:00
41752302 August 2021Civic Centre live on Facebook18:00
41762331 August 2021Civic Centre - on Facebook18:00
41772327 September 2021Council Chamber18:00
41782325 October 2021Council Chamber18:00
41792322 November 2021Council Chamber18:00
41802320 December 2021Council Chamber18:00
41812317 January 2022Council Chamber18:00
41822314 February 2022Council Chamber18:00
41832314 March 2022Council Chamber18:00
41842311 April 2022Council Chamber18:00
41852309 May 2022Council Chamber18:00
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