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Meetings scheduled for Delegated Decision - Portfolio Holder for Corporate and Finance for the Period from 01/01/2022 onwards.

MeetingIDEntityIDScheduled DateLocationStart Time
43707620 January 2022Council Chamber16:30
43917614 February 2022Meden Room13:00
43997618 February 2022Meden Room11:30
44097625 February 2022Meden Room12:00
44127628 February 2022Meden Room15:00
44197618 March 2022Council Chamber11:00
44297625 March 2022Council Chamber12:00
44577629 April 2022Sherwood Room12:15
44657606 May 2022Meden Room12:15
45447620 June 2022Council Chamber11:30
45657620 June 2022Council Chamber11:45
45717624 June 2022Council Chamber12:00
45827615 July 2022Meden Room12:30
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