Vehicles which appear to be abandoned can be reported to us. We will then assess each vehicle on a case by case basis, to determine whether they meet the criteria required. It is important therefore that you provide as much information as possible about the vehicle, this will then ensure the correct action is taken. This will take the form of either; no further action at this time, an investigation and/or enforcement action.

If the vehicle has no tax, but is not abandoned, you need to contact the DVLA and they will investigate further.

About you

About the vehicle


Vehicle location

You may upload a picture if you have one (file format must be jpg, jpeg or png format)


Please pinpoint the location of the problem on the map below

 Reported and awaiting action

 Relevant checks carried out, no further action

 Relevant checks carried out, assigned for investigation

 No further action will be taken

 Vehicle removed

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