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Member and Committee Information

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The council is composed of the following members

NamePolitical GroupPoliticalGroupIDWardWardID
Councillor S. AdeyLabour2Netherfield31
Executive Mayor K. R. AllsopIndependent Forum101
Councillor B. AnswerIndependent Forum10Abbott49
Councillor K. AthertonLabour2Manor35
Councillor M. BartonIndependent Forum10Maun Valley40
Councillor N. J. BennettIndependent Forum10Kingsway48
Councillor J. BosnjakLabour2Hornby42
Councillor K. BrownIndependent Forum10Oakham29
Councillor A BurginLabour2Warsop Carrs41
Councillor T. ClayLabour2Brick Kiln28
Councillor J CoxheadLabour2Yeoman Hill43
Councillor B. DrewettIndependent Forum10Ling Forest51
Councillor A. FisherLabour2Woodhouse52
Councillor S. N. GarnerMansfield South Independent Group21Racecourse30
Councillor S. HarveyNo Political Group20Kingswalk38
Councillor S. HigginsLabour2Ladybrook16
Councillor V. HopewellIndependent Forum10Oak Tree23
Councillor J. KerrLabour2Market Warsop34
Councillor B. LohanLabour2Portland20
Councillor S. McCallumLabour2Sherwood24
Councillor A NormanLabour2Park Hall47
Councillor S. RichardsonLabour2Penniment39
Councillor S. RickerseyIndependent Forum10Eakring27
Councillor D. SaundersIndependent Forum10Sandhurst36
Councillor I SheppardIndependent Forum10Broomhill10
Councillor A. SissonsMansfield South Independent Group21Newgate50
Councillor J. SmartLabour2Ransom Wood44
Councillor D. M. SmithIndependent Forum10Woodlands32
Councillor R. SutcliffeIndependent Forum10Lindhurst18
Councillor A. TristramIndependent Forum10Berry Hill6
Councillor S. WalkerIndependent Forum10Newlands53
Councillor S. WallaceIndependent Forum10Carr Bank45
Councillor S. WardLabour2Bull Farm & Pleasley Hill46
Councillor J. A. WettonLabour2Meden17
Councillor M. WrightIndependent Forum10Holly37
Councillor L. WrightLabour2Peafields33